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So Glad You're Here.


I would like to give pause and reflect upon the principles I have developed through the various lessons learned through personal successes and failures, general observations, conversations with colleagues, and reading books and other material.  I believe that these lessons have made me a more mature and effective person and have laid them out on this website in hopes that they are helpful to the reader in their own growth.  


Many of these principles are universal truths that are framed in a way that is commonsensical.  Hopefully, these insights will seem simultaneously intuitive and also insightful. 




At times, some of these lessons may seem cut and dry and overly mechanical.  In no way are these principles meant to devalue human life in any shape or form.  Rather, they are meant to be helpful frameworks to think about the world.

How to Read

This blog is loosely organized into 4 themes.  It starts with a focus on the individual ( Becoming a Whole Human Being), moving outwards to understand humans as a group (Modeling Humans), then transitioning into an observation of life as a whole (Understanding Life) before circling back to focus on the individual, particularly how to better manage one’s life (Project Manage Your Life).  Although there is no need to read this chronologically, I would recommend the reader to do so as it has a natural rhythm.

About Me

My name is DK and I'm a Product Manager with an Engineering and Social Sciences background from Stanford.  I love learning about the world (literally anything), distilling down important patterns (I cover this in detail in one of my posts), and making whatever positive impact to pay it forward.

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